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MetaForm Studio
191 N. Midland Ave. #1F
Nyack,NY 10960
845 480 5832

Some of our work can be seen at
The Outside In Piermont
249 Ferdon Avenue
Piermont, NY 10968

About MetaForm Studio

We are deeply committed to recycling and green design, and we find beauty and spirit in old, used materials. Our lighting designs started on the streets of Manhattan when we came across discarded sunflower crates in the Flower District. With their varied wood tones and elegant long lines, the crates were full of character and inspired our first light. We realized that discarded, recycled, and sustainable materials are a rich source of creativity and a meaningful way for us to live in harmony with nature. Each light is hand-made and hand-stained, and becomes a unique and personal creation.

MetaForm Studio was started in 2000. We use FSC-certified woods and energy-efficient lightbulbs in every one of our lamps. Manufactured in Haverstraw, NY, our designs reduce waste and we reuse or recycle as much as possible. Our facility is small, efficient, and we use lean manufacturing practices. We use low-VOC finishes and adhesives. Our lights are biodegradable and could be disassembled and burned for heat or mulch. Our new wood comes from farmed rapid-growth stock (not old-growth). Our reused wood comes from similar sources. We use cardboard boxes for shipping that are recycled and recyclable. We use no plastics for packaging.

khader Khader Humied was trained as an architect . He taught himself woodworking skills and began the adventure of furniture making. As MetaForm's director, his goal is to infuse the ordinary with poetry and intention. His lighting fixtures celebrate the beauty of wood and the interplay between light and form. Khader enjoys that his lights shine in many settings, inviting people in and warming up spaces with their golden glow.

chris Chris Randolph is an art therapist and a painter. She contributes her sharp eyes to the design process and is the color specialist.